Deniz Cuylan, Christopher Hoffman, and Pino Palladino & Blake Mills

Artist:Deniz Cuylan

Title: No Such Thing As Free Will

Label: Hush Hush Records

Release Date: 3/19/21

Personnel: Deniz Cuylan: Guitar, Clarinet, Piano; Brian Bender: Cello; Cem Mısırlıoğlu: Piano on “No Such Thing As Free Will”

Impression: Beautifully played and meditative minimalism is the rule on this terrific nylon string guitar-centric collection.

More Info: Deniz Cuylan interview

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Artist:Christopher Hoffman

Title: Asp Nimbus

Label:Out of Your Heads Records

Release Date: 3/26/21

Personnel: Christopher Hoffman – cello, composition; Bryan Carrott – vibraphone; Rashaan Carter – bass; Craig Weinrib – drums; David Virelles – piano (track 2 only)

Impression: Atypical instrumentation, inspired / memorable compositions, and expert performances combine to make AN one of the most fulfilling releases of 2021 so far.

More Info: Out of Your Heads Records

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Artist: Pino Palladino and Blake Mills

Title: Notes With Attachments

Label: New Deal / Impulse Records

Release Date: 3/12/21

Personnel: Pino Palladino – semi-acoustic bass, bass harmonica, bass, polyphonic bass synthesizer, calabash, guitars, fretless bass, Fender bass; Blake Mills – berimbau, nylon string guitar, electro guitar, Coral electric sitar, DI Neve Fuzz, percussion, polyphonic guitar synthesizer, rubberized guitar, ngoni, fixed reeds, string synthesizer, e-flute with Direct String Synthesizer, fretless baritone guitar, drums, slide guitar, marimba, wordless vocals; Chris Dave – drums, baby kit, percussion, clavinet, Rhodes, brushes; Sam Gendel – Poly-Sax with BOSS Super Shifter, saxophones; Larry Goldings – Mellotron saxophone, celeste, Hammond B3, Prophet V; Rob Moose – viola, violin; Jacques Schwarz-Bart – sax section; Bruce Flowers – IZotope synthesizer; Andrew Bird – violin; Marcus Strickland – bass clarinet, saxophone; Ted Poor – prepared piano; Ben Aylon – Senegalese percussion; Matt Chamberlain – timbales.

Impression: At times, when more than one producer tackles a project together the old “too many cooks in the kitchen” scenario rears its ugly head, but on Notes these masters prove they are above all else exemplary listeners, yielding an impossibly grooving and immersive sonic experience.

More Info: Blake Mills site

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