About Us

Kevin Coultas is a musician and educator who has spent time touring and recording with bands Rodan, Sonora Pine, Come, and with Chris Brokaw, as well as chamber ensemble Rachel’s.  For over a decade, he has spent most of his time time teaching 4th and 5th graders in Louisville, Kentucky and from 2013-2018, hosted the weekly radio show Mingle on WXOX .


Music Submission Policy

1) In the email subject line, please write “review request” and the artist’s name, release title, and street date.

2) Please include a link to a stream of the release for quick preview.

3) If (and only if) the stream checks out as something I initially like, I will listen closer to the music via CD (email for mailing address) or 320 kbps or higher digital files through a download link from a file-hosting service such as dropbox that does not require me to create an account to download.

4) Please provide personnel and background information about the release in the form of a press release/one sheet, as well as the album artwork and liner notes.

5) Also, the chances are high that the more an artist requires or wants his/her music referred to as “jazz” the less likely I will be to review that music.