SUSS, Dino Saluzzi, and Thelonious Monk

Artist: SUSS

Title: Promise

LabelNorthern Spy Recs

Release Date: 12/4/20

Personnel: Jonathan Gregg – Pedal Steel, dobro; Bob Holmes – Mandolin, baritone guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica, violin; Pat Irwin – Electric guitars, National guitar, eBow, harmonium, keyboards, melodica, loops; Gary Leib – Keyboards, looping, imaging

Impression: The New York-based quartet SUSS makes minimal and patient musical-vignettes and Promise is a warm blanket on a forlorn winter’s night.

More Info: Northern Spy Recs and SUSS site

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Artist: Dino Saluzzi

Title: Albores

Label: ECM Records

Release Date: 11/6/20

Personnel: Dino Saluzzi – bandoneon

Impression: Albores, Saluzzi’s first solo release in more than thirty years, is overflowing with the kind of sublime and healing sonorities that could only come from the hands of an absolute master.

More Info: ECM Records

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Artist: Thelonious Monk

Title: Palo Alto

Label: Impulse Records

Release Date: 9/24/20

Personnel: Thelonious Monk – piano; Charlie Rouse – tenor saxophone; Larry Gales – bass; Ben Riley – drums

Impression: I’m a little late to this one, but as a teacher, just the thought of this perennially transformative music being performed in a high school auditorium in tension-filled 1968 fills my heart with almost unmatched joy.

More Info: Thelonious Monk site

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