Invisible Ritual by Jennifer Curtis and Tyshawn Sorey

The time for honesty is upon us…the world doesn’t need another person – certainly not me – carrying on about why he/she likes something. And really, who has the time to rummage for a new metaphor or embarrassing hyperbole to said end? However, it is still gratifying hipping people to new music that might otherwise fly under the radar.

This is my first attempt at this new approach to spreading the word about what I consider to be the good stuff…enjoy!


Artist: Jennifer Curtis and Tyshawn Sorey

Title: Invisible Ritual

Label: Tundra / New Focus Recordings

Release Date: 01/24/20

Personnel: Jennifer Curtis – violin; Tyshawn Sorey – piano and percussion

Impression: This is a thoroughly riveting set of improvised music that at times seems composed due to the uncanny interplay between master musicians Curtis and Sorey.

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