Nicholas Lens & Nick Cave, Roots Magic, and Ivan Zagni & Steve Garden

Artist: Nicholas Lens & Nick Cave

Title: L.I.T.A.N.I.E.S

Label: Deutsche Grammophon

Release Date: 12/4/20

Personnel: Clara-Lane Lens & Denzil Delaere & Nicholas L. Noorenbergh & Claron McFadden – vocals; Maaike Cottyn – solo flute/alto flute; Midori Mori
- solo clarinet/bass clarinet; Rhonny Ventat – saxophones; Clara-Lane Lens & Nicholas Lens – keyboards & programming; Alain Cremers – solo bassoon; Joe Kina & Jack Pinger – percussion; Gudrun Vercampt – solo violin; Maryna Lepiasevich – solo viola; Amy Norrington – solo cello; with
The Fourteen Storks Ensemble

Impression: Resuming where they left off with 2014’s Shell Shock, Lens and Cave have busied themselves in lockdown by crafting a consuming chamber music suite incorporating Taizé-like mediations on the full range of human experience.

More Info: Deutsche Grammophon site , Nick Cave site and Nicholas Lens site

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Artist: Roots Magic

Title: Take Root Among the Stars

Label: Clean Feed Records

Release Date: 07/24/20

Personnel: Alberto Popollla – clarinet & bass clarinet, objects; Errico De Fabritiis – alto & baritone sax, mouth harp; Gianfranco Tedeschi – double bass; Fabrizio Spera – drums, percussion, zither; guests: Eugenio Colombo – flute on 1, bass flute on 3; Francesco Lo Cascio – vibraphone on 1, gong

Impression: TRAtS is the artfully paced house party a weirdo introvert like me is longing to attend as soon as the entire world is vaccinated.

More Info: Roots Magic site and Clean Feed Records

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Artist: Ivan Zagni and Steve Garden

Title: Trouble Spots

Label: Rattle Echo

Release Date: 06/9/20

Personnel: Ivan Zagni – acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, voices; Steve Garden – drums, percussion, voices, loops and treatments; Peter Scholes – recorders, sax, clarinet; Don McGlashan – bass, prc, vox; Amanda Hollis – flute, vox; Richard Nunns – pukaea, putorino

Impression: TS is a surprise pop-Dadaist masterpiece reissued by New Zealand’s Rattle Records under its new and stellar Rattle Echo imprint; this one will keep you guessing at each successive track.

More Info: Rattle Echo site

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